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The GoldStar Team

Our Combined Experience and Expertise is hard to beat when it comes to buying and selling businesses in the Phoenix Metro area. We have worked with almost every type of scenario in the process of buying and selling businesses and can advise you in what works and what doesn't. Let our experience help you achieve a successful transaction and avoid disappointment. Read what former and current clients have to say about us. ...learn more

Peter Grossgold

Designated Broker

Peter Grossgold is the owner of GoldStar Business Brokers, he has been in the business for over 28 years, having become a business broker in 1995.
Peter's passion for his business brokerage comes from small business consulting and analysis. He enjoys analyzing what a business is doing right and how it can be improved upon. He wants to help his clients by identifying problems and creating a referral network of people that can fix those problems. This helps those people who purchase a business from GoldStar to be more successful.

"I am familiar literally, with every aspect of small business," Peter says. Peter is an expert in small business but particularly enjoys working with bars and restaurants because of his background and knowledge. He loves the challenge of finding a business that fits his clients and learning about new businesses. His ability to read and understand people and getting to know their needs and wants is a personal strength that Peter uses to better serve his clients.

Jay Epstein


Jay Epstein started out as an entrepreneur and business owner before becoming a broker. He had a large distribution center in New York and a jewelry store.

Jay has been in business brokerage for over 33 years, his favorite part of being a broker is the challenge it provides him.

Jay says "I try my best to make sure that my clients obtain their "American dream. I do everything in my power to get them the outcome that they want."

John Palombo


John's years as a business owner have given him great insight as to what someone looking for a business is going through. "When people come in here, it's for a reason. They are coming to fulfill their "American Dream", John says. "And I am here to help them fulfill that dream."

Mark Poulin


After 30 years as a business broker and countless years of being a business owner himself, mark knows first how to help his clients find what they are looking for. His favorite part of the process is meeting people face to face.

“I really enjoy working with different people and meeting new people,” Mark says. “it’s a different challenge every morning, what’s going to happen today?”

“Goldstar is different than most brokers. Our goal is to meet with our clients in person,” Mark continues. “I always say that I can find you the business that will be best for you. Not only the type of business but also one that makes the money you need.”

Perry Bolster

Business Brokerage

Stephanie Chorkavy


Stephanie Chorkavy is one of the agents at GoldStar Business Brokers and being a broker runs in her blood. Chorkavy’s father has been in the brokerage business for forty years working as a real estate broker and that’s where she got her start.

After attending culinary school, working in a professional kitchen and owning three cafés/delis she decided to become a brokerage agent. “It’s in my family blood,”

“I work with buyers and sellers to help them reach their goals, I have integrity and I’m an honest person.” Two traits that help Chorkavy be a great agent. Stephanie hopes that her contributions to business brokerage will help make the industry better as a whole.

Phil Gianforte


Phil is a business professional and serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of business experience marked by excellence in revenue growth and business development across a diverse cross section of industries, including wholesale product distribution, home improvement, retail and service industries. Phil is an expert at identifying and evaluating business opportunities and then focusing on enhancing operations and strategizing for profitable exit. Along with acquiring businesses, he is credited with several successful start-up companies.

Darren Grady



Darren is going to focus on his health and his family. We, at GoldStar Business Brokers, wish him all the best and let him know that he is and will be always a part of the GoldStar Family.

Michael Horlacher


Mario Martinez


Mario's background in business over the past 38 years has given him an idea of what it takes to run a business. Mario uses this knowledge to help his clients get a full understanding of what it takes to run a business.

"If you listen you will get a very good idea of what people are about. I don't sell something just to sell it, I have to match them with the best fit for their needs," Mario says. "The best part is finding what they are looking for."

Pat Muhich


Pat has been a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Arizona for 43 years, starting in 1980. She has served as the Designated Broker for multiple Business Brokerage Firms in Arizona including UBI Business Brokers and Apeiron Investments, Inc. (dba V.R. Business Brokers).

Pat has helped 1000's of Buyers and Sellers through the business transaction process. While She doesn't specialize in any one industry, She has enjoyed helping many, many Preschools, Day Cares and Montessori Schools buy and sell over the years.

Pat has received so many accolades, thank you notes, praises, awards and gratitude from all the Buyers and Sellers that she has worked with that we could go on and on and run out of room.

Pat is always ready, willing, and more than able to represent Seller's or assist Buyer's with the utmost of professionalism, compassion and competency throughout the entire Buying & Selling Process to transfer the ownership of any business.

Reach out to Pat and you will not regret your decision!

Keith Prescott

Jamie Robbins

Business Broker

Michael Shanley

Associate Broker

Steve Taylor


Bryan Toth


Bryan has a high comfort level when it comes to working with manufactures, wholesalers and commercial real estate, but he is excited that this job allows him to learn more about small businesses and to work more closely with his clients.

"I'm here to assist them in achieving what they are looking for and in that regard it's kind of like you need to put yourself in their shoes and find out what they are looking for," Bryan says.

Rebecca Walker

Office Manager

Adel Zeid

Business Brokerage

Adel has a vast experience of over 20 years of owning a variety of small businesses. This expansive background gives Adel the ability to see the BIG PICTURE in business entrepreneurship. In addition, Adel, loves to work hard to help all Buyers & Sellers.